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"The joys and benefits to having a Stand Aid are unbelievable. As an LPN and then an RN for twelve years, I have seen many improvements in medicine that helped people with lower-body muscle weakness. In the Stand Aid we have a modern treatment that tones muscles, and so much more. Most important of all, is the effect of being up and seeing the world from that perspective. I'm in a wheelchair all day, but with the Stand Aid I can see the world in a better light and visit with friends on their level. Talking to bellybuttons all the time is no fun for me. Considering all it does and all the medical problems it helps to prevent, the Stand Aid is a good investment for your health, which is priceless."

Nan C. Jordison, Retired Nurse due to M.S.
Sgt. Bluff, IA

"My wife has multiple sclerosis and has lost the use of her legs. She spends approximately 17 hours each day in bed and seven hours in a wheelchair. Recently, I discovered I had a hernia that would necessitate an operation as soon as it was convenient. This meant no more lifting and helping my wife from bed to chair, chair to bed, etc. In essence we needed a mechanical device that would do everything I did. I'm happy to say the Stand Aid came to our rescue. We no longer consider this equipment just an aid to standing. In our case it is an integral part of our pattern-for-living. We could not do without it."

Fred P. Adams

"My Econostand offers me an entirely new perspective of my environment. My family, my friends, and I never before realized my height. Five-foot-two somehow seems taller these days. It stretches my leg muscles so well that I no longer need to wear my leg braces, which stretched the muscles in my lower legs. Beyond stretching these lower leg muscles, my Econostand stretches the muscles in my upper legs and upper torso. Furthermore, my circulation seems to be improving; my legs are no longer continually swollen and my feet are no longer continually blue. I appreciate the great service Stand Aid of Iowa provides and the genuineness they convey toward the individual client."

Deshae Elizabeth Lott

"I have had an exacerbating remitting MS for 49 years. The last 7 have been mostly in a wheelchair with all the accompanying problems, especially pressure sores. When I started using the Stand Aid I discovered that not only were the items mentioned in the ad true; I also had more energy and recovered from stressful holidays much faster. For the first time I could take my lunch outside alone and enjoy our lovely yard behind our home. I can cook in high pots and reach things on shelves. I find that two hours a day in the Stand Aid is enough to maintain the health I need.

So many people ask me how I can look so good and I tell them God has blessed me with my Stand Aid that my HMO covered completely!  Thank You Stand Aid of Iowa!"

Mary Fern Anderson


"My wife, Louise is afflicted with FSH (Facial, Scapula, Humeral) Muscular Dystrophy. It has been a slow paced deterioration of muscular functions. However, she did reach a point at which she was not able to use her legs to rise from a seated position. We have now had the Power Toilet Aid for some time. During this time, Louise has been able to maintain her personal independence and no longer needs be a contortionist to use the toilet facilities, and has been freed from the source of pain and muscle damage."

Mr. Peter J. Merkle
Longwood, FL

"The Power Toilet Aid has been in two days and is the biggest help we have had in five years. This type of product will be a great help for anyone with replaced hips, knees, or following back surgery, as well as MS, etc."

Christine E. Isern
Lawrence, KS


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