Stand Aid 1600 Power Lift Manual, Hydraulic lift standing frame Stander  


Some of our customers prefer a manual lift. For those people we offer the Stand Aid 1600. Just like our other frames, a lift sling is used to bring the user safely and easily from a wheelchair into a complete vertical standing position. The hydraulic jack is operated by moving a long, ergonomic handle forward and back. Just like the power lift systems, the 1600 will fit users up to 7’ tall and 400 pounds. All support options are available including the safety gate and wheel kit, which are not standard on this model.

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Frame Width :
28 1/2"
Frame Opening
(inside dimensions:

Standard Frame: 24 1/2"
Wide Opening: 31"
Wheel Kit: 23"
Wheel Kit with Caster Brackets: 24 1/2"
Wide Wheel Kit: 29 1/2"
Wide Wheel Kit with Caster Brackets: 31"

Standard Knee Pad Width:
15" (Height Adjustable)
Wide Knee Pad Width::
17" (Height Adjustable)
Plexiglass Table:
20" X 12 5/8"
Weight Capacity:
400 Pounds

• Safety Gate
• Safety Gate Extension (increases room to stand for larger users)
• Back Support
• Lateral Supports
• Hip Supports
• Upper Chest Support
• Head Support
• Wide Opening
• Wide Knee Pad (height adjustable)
• Wide Lift Arms
• Wheel Kit
• Wide Wheel Kit
• Caster Brackets (increases frame opening with wheel kit by 1 1/2”)
• Elevated Floor (For users under 5' tall)
• Lift Slings:
- Standard (Ordered to size)
- Adjustable Sling (small or large)
- Adjustable Sling with Velcro Belt and Leg Straps (small or large)
- Solid Sling (padded)
• Left/Handed Frames
- (Right/Handed Standard)


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